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Data Wiping Software

Data Wiping Software completely wipes entire or selected files and folders, logical disk drive, unused disk space on your hard disk and removable data storage media to prevent your system from unauthorized user access. Software permanently removes offline and online internet activities including Internet history, cookies, URL list, Internet temporary folders, and eliminates passwords from PC drives.

Data cleaner software supports all type of external removable media drives like USB drive, memory card, pen drive, Zip drive, thumb drive, etc for permanent data removal.

Data Wiping
Software Features:
  • Completely wipes deleted and non-deleted unused data and information from your PC.
  • Software permenantly removes all offline and online internet activities.
  • Erases all typed URL list, Internet files and eliminates password.
  • Software wipes entire or selected files and folders including most recently used application of Microsoft word, Excel, MS Paint, PowerPoint slides and other system files for your computer safety.
  • Supports all types of external removable media drives (like USB drive, memory card and pen drive etc).

Data Wiping Software Screenshots

Data Wiping Software

Select Partition drive to erase and format either files or entire disk.
Data Wiping Software

Select Disks Erasing Algorithms among Zero Fill, Pseudo Random, etc. Now click on 'Apply' button.
Data Wiping Software

Now, Go to 'System Registry Traces' for data wiping.
Data Wiping Software

Click on 'Select All' option to select files for data wiping process.